Braces (BEHEL)

vassapniiinngg everyone!! how’s your life?! hopefully you guys are great! 🙂
my topic is bout dental braces now.. so, what’s on your mind when you guys hear bout BRACES’ ?? so many opinion and different answer right.. the general answer is ‘TOOTH DECAY’ !! but not with this time people!! some people think ‘BRACES’ was just for style and showed to everybody that they were capable and rich and take a pic, show your brace then!! the funniest thing is they have a group for it!! and just wanna make friends with riches and BRACES group only! whatta!! did you guys know, what’s exactly the BRACES for?? its to cover up the deficiencies in your teeth.. but they show it instead! whatta!! man! they were rich and maybe they always holiday abroad.. but dont they see all of western there never use it just for style, they don’t ever wanna show their deficiencies in public.. its looked nerd! if their teeth are really need BRACES, they must be use transparent color.. cmon!! don’t be fool people!!! sometimes the riches isn’t guarantee your knowledge.. this is my opinion.. how bout yours?