^^ This is what i get people!!


Kyaaa~~!!! alright, maybe you guys thought that i was a bit overload!! but but but but,, yesss i am!! all of my struggle isn’t futile.. on saturday july 14 we hadda national seminar in pangeran hotel.. when i arrived in the hotel, i never thought that Indonesia nasional team were stay there.. and firstly, i saw andik with his friend, idk his name who just out of elevator.. imma bout frozen and in my mind is just wanna take pic with him.. but, i know he definitely wanna breakfast first and i dont wanna bother him and decide to enter to the ballroom where we held national seminar,, ’bout 20 minute im out of the ballroom and looking for him,, i just talked with my friend, suddenly he through next to us.. my mouth was so frozen to ask take a pic,, man!! im so so so regret at that time, my friend said “go! he was alone and also not many fans are asking for take a pic!!” and you know, i still stand stiff and didn’t have a courageous to ask for it.. oh cmon windi, whatta hell is goin’ on with yaaa!!! i was still waiting, back and forth to the lobby to look for him.. aaaaaandddddd  finally i gave up on that day!! 
back to home with a bare hands! i get take a pic with M. Ridwan, the 2nd keeper of Indonesia only.. and tell to my cousin that i just met andik.. she’s bout envy with me and ask her mom to go to hotel in the morning,, the next day, me and my cousin go to that hotel to breakfast ( indirectly of course take a pic) and finally we did itt!!!! we get this!! there was so many timnas player over there and they are so friendly.. seriously! they smiled at us.. im bout in cloud nine!! thats my story this week, hbu?? 🙂