i just got back to my hometown yesterday alone and when on my way, in the ship i met guy looked like indonesian actor, dimas anggara who sit next to me and i think he also student of university like me but i was wrong, he ask me “where are you goin’? ” and i said that i wanna back to my hometown in tanjung balai karimun, ya, its an island and of course it was small.. turns out he wanna go to batam, he come from medan and school in pekanbaru and you know what? he is CONTRACTOR now.. i was just surprise.. and i said that i’m University Of Riau, i’m in communication of science majoring and public relations concentrate.. but you know suddenly he said “do you wanna get a job?” just contact me, i have so many link in my company, and if you have a friends who need a job as a secretary now, but she had to non muslim, cuz thats the requirement, and idk why they need that..” wow ‘m going excited to hear that he wanna gimme job.. but i have to be careful, like my sister said they will send you to malaysia as indonesian labor (TKI). lol.. thats just intermezzo.. but he was so kind, its just didnt suit with his style but in the fact he is contractor.. i’m happy to get someone new.. thats my story, whats yours??