Dissapoint and Try Again

about 3 years ago, when im in high school 3 months left i must follow the national exam, someone call me but my dad pick the telephone up. she said she wanna talked to me and you know what?? thats from STANFORD UNIVERSITY in CALIFORNIA, USA. i got an invitation to school abroad.. ya i have followed the test in internet, but thats just for fun.. i told to my mom, she didnt agree with that.. and of course i feel dissapoint, sad, etc.. thats my dream, study abroad!! especially in state.. well, in my hometown there’s italian company.. i intend to work there later on,, only with english.. they are all live in front of my house, its pretty close actually.. i was very motivated cuz my older cousin was working there and she is in abu dhabi now.. my mission : cuz they are italian, i wanna ’em to take me to MILAN.. san siro!! AC MILAN!! yeah thats my favorite team!! thats my dream, whats your??