Jonas Brothers Rumor Album Cover 2012

Jonas Brothers are releasing a new album at the end of the year, so they’ve been super busy lately working on new music! The guys have a new Jonas Brothers logo, and now it looks like they might have a photo that could become an album cover!

If the guys did choose to use the picture above as their album cover, would you be happy about the decision? Or, do you hope they go in a different direction for the album artwork?

just wondering it’s really become album cover of my favorite band! wooo! i can’t wait to hear the guys’ new music when it arrives sometime this year.. ^^~ on june 16 joe said on his tweet “writing, recording, goofing off..”
waa, how excited am i to hear that! ‘m so ready for your 4th album!! still in loyal with Jonas Brothers.. like the article said, we hope this album gonna be a different genre.. Jonatics are rocks!! 😉 xx